ERICO Rail & Industrial Products

CADWELD® Connections for Power Feed & Return

ERICO has a complete line of rail power feeds and rail splices using the proven CADWELD exothermic welding process.

CADWELD® Connections for Train Control & Neg Power Return

Service time and over 100 million installed bonds have proven that the CADWELD Process provides the ultimate in desirable features for railroad signal bonding.

CADWELD® Rail and Industrial Products

ERICO offers a range of CADWELD bonding products for rail and industrial applications.

CRITEC® Surge Protection Devices

ERICO’s surge protection devices protect against damaging electrical surges on power and communications lines caused by lightning, industrial machinery, and other switching events

ERITECH® Lightning Protection

Lightning causes major problems for railroads, including damaging buildings and critical equipment. ERICO’s lightning protection systems are based around our Six Point Protection Plan.


ERICO offers a range of grounding products and accessories designed specifically for railway applications.

CADWELD® Connections (High Current Busbars)

CADWELD Connections never loosen or corrode and welds can be made in a highly magnetic environment, thus minimizing costly downtime.

CADWELD® High Voltage Cable Conductor Connections

ERICO has provided the CADWELD® range of exothermic welding solutions to numerous cable manufacturers and installers around the world over many decades.

Impedance Bond Leads

CADWELD® prefabricated impedance bond side leads incorporate a Type W terminal on a flexible length of cable including CADWELD tinned copper lugs.