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ERICO ®, with its 25 years of experience in the development of a diverse range of lightning protection solutions, solves the problem of required separation distances and sideflash to critical rooftop equipment with the ERITECH® Isolated Downconductor. By applying a high performance insulation around the downconductor, the same isolation as 1000 mm of air separation can be provided. The advantage is that this downconductor can be mounted directly on the mast or structure to be protected – without electrification!


Since ERICO® offered its first isolated downconductor, thousands of buildings have proven this concept. The pioneering use of semi-conductive external outer sheath to bond to the structure and control cable break down was a key to success. The original implementation (ERITECH® ERICORE) was a screened cable version designed for low impedance, this allowed the use of very long cable lengths. The latest ERITECH® Isolated Downconductor customizes this development by offering a lower cost cable targeted at the typical shorter installation requirements of the telecommunication industry. The cable is designed, tested and applied to meet the requirements of IEC 62305 lightning protection standards.


Implementation of the ERITECH® Isolated Downconductor system is based on two sections of the IEC 62305-3 standard (Protection Against Lightning – Part 3: Physical damage to structures and life hazard). For correct installation the system must be designed and installed in accordance with these requirements:

Step 1

Determine the required height of the air terminal to provide protection according to IEC 62305 or NFPA780. The required lightning protection level can be determined by IEC 62035-2 Risk Assessment, or simply using LPL I for maximum protection. Using this information the designer should determine the required minimum height of the air terminal tip above the top of mast/items to be protected. (Note: ERITECH Isolated Downconductor mast requires a minimum clearance distance of 2 m).

Step 2

Determine the length of downconductor and selected lightning protection level so the separation distance (IEC 62305-3 Section 6.3 or NFPA780 Section 4.21) does not exceed 1000 mm.

Step 3

Meet ERICO’s mounting and installation requirements and interconnect to a standard compliant grounding or lightning protection system.

If the maximum cable limitations above can not be adhered to, then it is possible to use two parallel downconductors. The ISODUAL adapter allows a second isolated downconductor to be connected to the air terminal. The second ISODC Downconductor is mounted externally to the Isolated Mast and fixed with UV stable non conductive cable ties.