Signal Reference Grid (SRG) System

ERITECH® Mechanical SRG System

The ERITECH Mechanical Signal Reference Grid system allows for fast, simple and economical field construction of wire signal reference grids used in computer room grounding.

Signal Reference Grids (SRG)

ERICO Signal Reference Grids (SRG’s) provide a low impedance equipotential plane to protect sensitive electronic equipment from transients.

ERITECH® Grounding System Materials

ERITECH® Copperbonded Ground Rods

ERICO® is the world’s largest manufacturer of copperbonded ground rods and offers a complete line of rods and accessories to meet the needs of every user.

ERITECH® Grounding Clamps and Accessories – Asia/Europe

ERICO® provides a range of grounding clamps and accessories to complement the ERITECH® Ground Rods.

ERITECH® Threadless Couplings for Copperbonded Pointed Rods

ERITECH® threadless compression couplers are easily installed around ground rod splices. For Asian and European customers.


The ERITECH® RC70/RC100 rebar clamp provides two connection points to concrete encased electrodes (rebar) in grounding systems

ERITECH® Earth Rod Inspection Box PIT-03

The PIT-03 offers a high level of security and allows regular maintenance of critical ground terminations through the use of its lockable lid. For European and Asian customers.