Data, Control & Signal Line Protection

CRITEC® CCTV – Closed Circuit Television Protector

Protects security cameras and other video circuits. Simple BNC connection.

CRITEC® CSP Series – Coaxial Surge Protector

Protection of wireless communication equipment connected with BNC or N type coaxial connectors. Up to 3GHz.

CRITEC® DEP Series – Data Equipment Protector

Plug in protection for DB9 and DB25 circuits. Applications include RS232, RS423, RS422 & RS485.

CRITEC® DSD(DC) Series – DIN Surge Diverter

Protection of 12V, 24V and 48V power supply and control circuits. Applications include fire, security and DC powered communication systems.

CRITEC® LAN RJ45 – Local Area Network Protector

Plug in protection for Cat 5 Ethernet LAN networks. Connects to UTP systems with RJ45 connectors.

CRITEC® RTP – Remote Transmitter Protector

Protection of field installed 4-20mA connected transducers & transmitters.

CRITEC® UTB Series – Universal Transient Barrier

Data, signaling and LV supply protection. Applications include RS232, 422, 423, 485, 4-20mA, 0-10, 0-20V, telephone circuits, fire & security systems, transducers, modems and industrial circuits.

UTB Compact Series – Universal Transient Barrier

The UTB (Universal Transient Barrier) Compact series provides transient protection for equipment from surges induced onto balanced pair signal lines or low voltage AC or DC power supplies.

CRITEC® LCP – Load Cell Protector

Protection of load cells in weigh bridges, scales, cranes, silos and other industrial weight measurement systems. Can be used on any strain gauge system.


The SLP and HSP series are for Krone-LSA connected telephone and high speed data circuits. DLT provides screw terminal connection.

CRITEC® SLP1 RJ11 Series

The SLP1 RJ11 is for the protection of RJ11 connected telephone circuits, including DSL.